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Percentage of nonprofits that did not send an email within 30 days of sign up[5]

Numbers at a Glance


Percentage of nonprofits that asked for a donation via email within 90 days of sign up[5]

Numbers at a Glance


Percentage of nonprofits that require three or more clicks to make a donation[5]

Numbers at a Glance


Percentage of nonprofits that did not offer a “share” option after an online donation[5]

Calls to Action


Percentage of nonprofits that had a single call to action in their email appeals[5]

Calls to Action


Percentage of nonprofits that send emails with multiple, conflicting calls to action[5]

The percentage of overall fundraising that comes from online is less than 8%. This number closely mirrors the data released by the Commerce Department on percentage of online sales compared to overall retail, so online giving is keeping pace with consumer behavior. The organizations that raise the highest percentage of their overall giving from online—Medical Research nonprofits—have shifted to drive their peer-to-peer fundraising programs that were traditionally offline to almost all online. This indicates that it’s possible to drive a higher percentage of online giving with the right focus. Click here for a full description of the section.