To help enhance your experience with Blackbaud, you can manage your personal details and settings or — if an organization admin — those of your users.

  • From your Blackbaud ID profile, you can manage the Blackbaud ID you personally use to sign in to Blackbaud solutions and services. To access your Blackbaud ID profile, sign in to Blackbaud's website or your solution, and select Blackbaud ID profile from your initials or avatar in the navigation. For more information, see Blackbaud ID.

  • Organization admins! For a one-click, integrated access to all of your important Blackbaud account management capabilities, sign in to Blackbaud's website and select Admin from the solution menu on the left. From Admin, you can manage users and other admins, single sign-on (SSO), password resets, and more. You also now have the ability to access your data by environments. For more information, see Admin.

Over time, we'll continue to add capabilities to Admin, so share suggestions and feedback in the Blackbaud ID Community!