Preconfigured Contract Templates

By default, the system includes a selection of preconfigured templates you can use when creating contracts for group reservations or facility rentals. The preconfigured templates include a basic group sales contract, a group sales contract with itinerary information, and a group sales contract with both itinerary information and resources. We also include a basic facility contract that your organization can use if you rent out space within your facility for various events like weddings or corporate meetings.

These templates are already configured with the necessary data fields used to pull specific group order data into each contract. You just need to review the templates, decide which your organization will use, and update the text and content of each letter to meet the needs of your organization. For more information about editing the preconfigured templates to meet your needs, see Edit Preconfigured Templates.

It is important to note that security deposit fields are not included in the default contract templates. If your organization uses security deposits and you want to include the amount required, due date, and balance in your contracts, you will need to manually add those fields to your contract templates. For a list of available fields, see Contract Template Data Fields.

If a template includes information or data fields that your organization does not track as part of your group sales process, you can remove those items from the contract template. For example, if you organization does not require a deposit or final count, you can remove those items from the template. However, if you require a deposit or final count in some cases, you should leave those items in the template and edit the individual contract at the time it is created to remove data fields that do not apply.

Each default contract template included with the system is described in detail below. A sample view of each template is provided along with a a contract created using each template.