Refunds Report

With the Refunds report, you can view detailed information about refunded sales orders, donations, event registrations, and membership renewals for a specific period of time. You can filter the report to include only refunds for specific types of transactions or issued by a specific method such as Credit card or Check. For check refunds, you can select whether to include refunds marked as sent or only refunds pending delivery. For each refund, you can view its date, the item refunded, the constituent that received the refund, how the constituent received the refund, and the refund amount. You can also view the total amount of the refunded included in the report.

Warning: To issue a check refund, you can create an "Other" payment method, such as “Refunds – Checks.” However, these refunds will not appear in the Refunds report. Only refunds added through the Create a refund screen appear in the report.

From the report, you can access the record of a refund or its constituent. To access the record, click the item refunded or the name of its constituent.