Generate a group sales contract header file

1. From the Group Sales page, under Configuration, click Letter template library. The Letter Template Library page appears.
2. Under Tasks, click Generate header file. The Generate header file screen appears.
3. In the Letter type field, select “Group sales contract.”
4. In the Output format field, select “Group sales contract output.”
5. In the Header file field, click the ellipsis. The Save As screen appears. Browse to the location to save the new *.csv header file and name the file.

Note: Make sure you save this file in an accessible location. It will be used as the data source when you create the contract document in Word.

6. Click Save. A message appears to determine if you want to open the *.csv file. Now that you have a group sales contract header file to use as your data source, you are ready to create a group sales contract document.