Filtering Contacts

Your contact list probably includes all sorts of people with all sorts of interests. Trying to engage all these people at once is time consuming and not very effective. Instead, you can filter through your contacts based on their interests, influence in social media, and demographics to create manageable segments for your engagement efforts.

Once you segment your contacts, you can save the list as a Group to target with Twitter or email campaigns.

To Filter Contacts:

  1. Go to the Contacts tab > Contacts.

    • Under the Filters column, select a Saved Filter if you already have one you'd like to use.

    • Select Filter options, and click Apply Filter.

Engage with your Segmented Contacts

You can engage with your segmented contacts via Twitter or email them.

  1. Click Engage in the right column of your segmented contacts.

    • Click Send an Email to directly email all your segmented contacts.

    • Click Review & Respond to reach out to your contacts via twitter.

Download your Segmented Contacts

Download a CSV file of your contact's data to import into Luminate Online.

  1. Click Download in the right column of your segmented contacts.

  2. Click CSV.

  3. Review the contact groups and filters that will be in the CSV and click Review.

  4. Click Confirm.