Overview of Online Express Bill Pay

Blackbaud Online Express Bill Pay enables you to set up a bill payment form, accept payments on your NetClassroom website, and then manage those transactions in Student Billing. Bill Pay works hand in hand with your existing NetClassroom setup.

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To use the new Bill Pay module, you need:

Before you get started, consider the following:

Who will have access to Online Express Bill Pay?
You need to grant access to the Online Express Bill Pay module but also to handle the financial transactions after bill payments are downloaded to Student Billing.
What information and instructions are important to add to your bill payment form?
You have the ability to customize the bill payment form with your own field labels, instructions, headings, and more.
What is your bank account information? 
Determine in advance which account you want to deposit payments from student bills paid online. When you set up your Blackbaud Merchant Services bank account information, you can only configure settings for one account for the Online Express Bill Pay form.

Where do I find Online Express Bill Pay?

To open Online Express Bill Pay in Student Billing, on the navigation bar, click the Online Express Bill Pay link at the bottom.

When you first update your software and navigate to Blackbaud Online Express Bill Pay, the sign up page appears.

After you set up bill pay, the next time you navigate to Online Express Bill Pay, the full Online Express Bill Pay page appears.

How does Online Express Bill Pay update?

Periodically, you may be prompted to update your Online Express Bill Pay feature. It's easy to do and doesn't take much time. You'll receive a notice that improvements have been made to Bill Pay, click the Restart Now button and the software will install the update and restart the program for you.

Then, navigate back to Online Express Bill Pay and you're good to go!

Where do I learn more about Online Express Bill Pay?