Set Up Online Express Bill Pay

To set up Bill Pay, you need to grant security rights to Online Express Bill Pay and sign up for the feature.

Online Express Bill Pay Security Rights

Before you set up security rights, determine who in your organization will need permission to edit the bill pay form. For users who will manage transactions, they will need additional security rights. For more information, see Security Rights to Manage Transactions.

To use Bill Pay, you need to sign up for Blackbaud Payment Service, Blackbaud Merchant Services, and agree to the Blackbaud Online Express Bill Pay terms. Blackbaud Payment Service safely collects and stores credit and debit card information from your NetClassroom payers. Blackbaud Merchant Services is your secure payment processor. And, Online Express Bill Pay enables you to set up bill pay forms for NetClassroom and download your transactions to Student Billing.

The first time you access the Online Express Bill Pay page, you see the option to sign up for Blackbaud Online Express Bill Pay.

Tip: If you already have Blackbaud Payment Service and Merchant Services accounts, do not set up new ones. Enter your existing credentials as you progress through the sign up process.