Admin Home

The Admin Home tab allows administrators and limited access users to easily access the following:

  • Admin Portal
  • User Management
  • Statistics Dashboard
  • Help

Admin Portal

Previously, the Admin Portal had to be accessed using a separate URL and login.  By clicking the Admin Portal link on this tab, the current user can immediately access the Admin Portal without having to log in again.

User Management

This feature allows Administrator users to control access in the Site Configuration area for 'Limited Access' users.

NOTE: Limited Access users are classified as such in FIMS via the Staff Profile module.

Administrators can access this feature by clicking the User Management link on the Admin Home tab in Site Configuration.

Limited Access users can be granted access to one or more of the different configuration sections. If a Limited Access user tries to access one of the sections shown below but does not have access, an alert message will display and the user will be redirected back to the Admin Home page.


Statistics Dashboard

This link will display the Statistics Dashboard which used to be accessed via the link in the header area or the Statistic tab.

Charts are displayed for Total Suggestions by Month and Suggestion Amount Totals by Month.


Help Link

This link will open the DonorCentral Site Setup Guide in PDF form.



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