Fund Summary

The Fund Summary page acts as a report that displays information uploaded from your FIMS or Foundation Power system.

If you click on the Fund Summary link on the header, you will first be asked to select a related Fund and Period.

Donors will be able to filter the data on the Fund Summary page by Fund and by Period (ie. All time, This Month, This Quarter, This Year, or Last Year).

NOTE: The Period selection will affect any historical data displayed on this page.

NOTE: If an Advisor is not currently set, there may not be any Fund options on the menu.

Once a Fund and Period are selected, its financial data will be displayed below.

The amount of data displayed will depend on which sections have been flagged as Visible in your Site Design > Fund Summary page.

Donors will be able to expand and collapse each section (ie. Grants Paid, Pending Suggestions, Gifts, etc.) and choose the number of rows per section they would like to see at one time.

Additional items include:

  • Fund Statement: Access any uploaded Fund statements to View or Email by clicking the down arrow, selecting a range, and clicking the Get statement button.
  • Market value as of
  • Spendable balance as of


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