Market Value Detail

NOTE: The features discussed below must be enabled by contacting FIMS Support.

Clients can upload quarterly Market Value data to DonorCentral through FIMS.

With the information uploaded, the Market Value detail page can be used to show these values by quarter and year. 

Users can access the Market Value page via the Detail button on the Fund Balance/Market Value line item on the Fund Summary page. 

Asset Allocation

In addition, market value data can be uploaded in detail form which is useful to show how a fund is invested across pools. This is represented by the ‘Asset Allocation’ section. If the user can view this page, the asset detail will display automatically if there is data available for the selected fund.

You can configure what is included in the widget on the Site Configuration > Fund Summary page

A new Asset Allocation Chart is now displayed under the Asset Allocation widget on the Market Values Detail page.




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