The Login Page Designer

A new Login Page tab is now available when you go to Site Configuration.

The purpose of the Admin Login Page is to give foundation staff the opportunity to build a custom, yet simple, layout for their login page. This functionality was developed to allow foundation staff to have more control over the content of this page. When the custom login page is activated, donors who are accessing the login page will be redirected to the custom layout page.

If a foundation decides to use a custom layout, it is recommended to have a staff member that has some HTML and CSS knowledge. The admin login page provides a basic layout initially with place markers for where you should add specific sections. The tools can be used to build out the page from there.

The layout shown above is what all foundations will initially have when they first access the Login page. This layout gives foundations a basic format to follow. Alternatively, a foundation can build a completely new layout.

The image below shows what a completed Login Page may look like once the Login Form Elements have been added and modified.



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