System and Miscellaneous Settings

To configure the miscellaneous system settings click Site Setup and then click System / Miscellaneous Settings. The System Settings page appears.


NOTE: Please refer to the table below for descriptions of the available options.



DonorCentral Name

DonorCentral Name is how this site is identified as for your Foundation. If you change this, it will require some custom work to go through a few of the static pages (roughly 1 hour of custom work) to complete the renaming of the website. By default, the name is "DonorCentral".

Logout Redirect Page

Enter the URL where you want users to be automatically redirected when they logout of DonorCentral (for example, your organization’s home page).

Contact Us Header

Enter the text that you would like to appear in the header of the Contact Us table. If you leave this field blank, the default text will be used in the header (“Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your funds”).

Contact Us Footnote

Enter any additional notes that you want to include in the footnote section on the Contact Us page.

Contact Us Groups

Display groups on the Contact Us page By Department or Individually.

Forms Page Footnote

Enter any additional notes that you want to include in the footnote section on the Forms page.

MyProfile Header Text

This is the text displayed at the top of the My Profile page.

Signoff Text for Registration Page

Enter any disclaimer / signoff agreement text that you want to add to the registration form.

NOTE: Click the arrow in the Show Signoff Text drop-down and select either Yes or No to determine whether you want to display the text on the page.

Instructions Text for Registration Page

Enter any instructional notes that you want to add to the registration form.


Show signoff text?

Enable or Disable the signoff text above.

Print in new window?

The print in new window setting alleviates an issue with printing the screen - the contents can regularly be cut off due to the width of the screen. When this is turned on, a new window containing only the contents of the screen is opened and then prompted to print.

Disable site?

[Yes or No] Disabling the site is useful when your system administrator is making updates to the site and you don't want Advisors and/or staff reviewers to access the site until the updates are complete.

  • Advisors and Reviewers: Indicates that the site will be disabled for both Advisors and staff reviewers.
  • Advisors Only: Indicates that the site will be disabled for Advisors, but enabled for staff reviewers.
  • No: Indicates that the site will not be disabled.

NOTE: Site Administrators will always be able to access the site, regardless of this setting.

IMPORTANT: Please contact DonorCentral Support before disabling the site for the first time, as there is a required change to the login page associated with disabling the site.

Site Disable Message

Enter the text that you want users to see if they try to access the site while it is disabled.

Admin Security?

[Yes or No] Admin Security allows you to control staff access to individual sections in the admin navigation menu (.i.e Site Setup, Alerts, User Tracking, etc.). This applies only to staff classified as 'Limited'. If you are unable to designate staff in FIMS or FoundationPower as 'Limited', please contact your MicroEdge support representative. Once activated, you can setup menu items and assign staff access using the two Admin Security links at the top of the Site Setup page.

Maximum login failures

Enter the maximum number of times that someone can attempt to log into DonorCentral and fail, before the User ID is blocked by the system and must be reset.

Password Reset on First Login

[Yes or No] This value controls whether the user is required to change his/her password on first login.

Password Expiration?

[Yes or No] Enable / Disable a password expiration period.

Password Expiration Interval

If enabled above, this field controls the number of days between required password changes.

Change Password Text

This is the text displayed to users regarding password changes.

When you are finished, click Save Changes.


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