Configure Automated Emails

Tip: Community foundation Administrator rights are required to access Control panel features in the application.

To configure automated emails, go to Control panel, Site configuration, then Automated emails. You can create and format automated email messages sent to users for specific events:

  • Welcome: Sent when a user's account is created.

  • Recommendation submission confirmation: Sent when a user submits one or more grant recommendations. Details about each recommendation are included in the email.

    For recurring recommendations you've submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email each time a recurrence is generated that includes the number of remaining recurrences, the date of the next recurrence, and a link to the recommendation's Grant Details page.

  • Recommendation cancellation confirmation: Sent when a user cancels a pending recommendation. Details about the canceled recommendation are included in the email. If future recurrences are also canceled, additional text with that information is also included.

  • Grant approval notification: Sent out once daily to each advisor; includes links to the grant details for each of their approved recommendations over the past 24 hours.

  • Fund statement email: Sent when a user requests to have a fund statement emailed to them.