SKY Reporting

To maximize your school's mission and to better inform your next steps, you'll want to have your finger on the pulse of your organization's data.

With SKY Reporting, you can — at a glance — assess your school's overall performance and effectiveness. You'll find these Insights and Dashboards, which include customizable graphs and charts, under Analysis in various capabilities and solutions.

Tip: The legacy reports (not SKY) for these products are still available under Analysis , Reports. You'll also find Lists (which follow SKY UX) under Analysis > Manage Lists.

Use filters to customize the which data appears in the reports.

You can also select a statistic to "drill in" to see more details about the data. The details appear as a filterable list.

Note: Think "SKY" sounds familiar? Learn more about SKY for Blackbaud's 'Blackbaud's Education Management', NXT, and other products.