Inbox Settings

Platform managers can enable or disable internal message and bulk email options. To view the complete list of who can send messages to whom (if messaging is enabled), please see Inbox message permissions.

  • Messaging: If this option is enabled, constituents can send internal messages to individuals with whom they have an association.

  • Bulk messaging: If this option is enabled, constituents can send internal messages to groups with which they are associated.

  • Bulk email:If this option is enabled, managers and leaders can use the bulk communication tool on the roster pages to send an email to students and/or parents (the email addresses must be published). Managers and leaders can use their default email client or manually copy/paste constituents’ email addresses into an email client (depending on their email client requirements, managers and leaders can separate the email addresses with commas, semicolons, spaces, or carriage returns).

Note: If "Messaging" is disabled, "Bulk Messaging" will also automatically be disabled.

To establish the inbox settings:

  1. Select Core.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Inbox settings.

  4. Select On or Off for each of the messaging options.

For information about notifications (which may appear as inbox messages) see notifications.

Tip: If your school uses another email provider (such as Google Gmail) with Active Directory, you'll set up an inbox for each email domain when you manage Domain settings.