Assignment Notifications

Using Notifications, students, parents and/or teachers can sign up to receive assignment notifications via email or text message. There are two assignment notifications: Assignment Added and Assignment Changed. Academic group managers can customize the notifications and set the default assignment notification time.

Note: The Assignment Added and Assignment Changed notifications are disabled by default and must be enabled by managers.

When assignments are added or edited, teachers can determine if the notifications should be sent or not. Teachers can also override the default assignment notification time that is established by the manager.

Enable and customize the notifications:

  1. From the persona menu, select Academics.

  2. Next, head to Communication, then Notifications.

  3. Select Edit next to each notification.

  4. Enable the Activeoption.

  5. Enter a reply email address, from name and subject line for the email notification.

  6. Customize the body of the email and text notifications.

    Note: There are some placeholders available for each notification type. These are the only placeholders that will work with the selected Notification.

  7. Select the roles that should be able to subscribe to the notification.

  8. Select Save and Exit.

Tip: When you start to customize your notifications, you'll want to keep the messages generic. The same notification is used each time an assignment is added/changed, regardless of the course, teacher, etc. Use the placeholders to display the assignment-specific information.