Assignment Annotations

Assignment Annotations make it possible for teachers to leave annotations on submitted files from students right from their browser without needing to download the file first. Once complete, Students are then able to view these annotations from their browser window.

Note: Assignment Annotations are responsive and fully optimized for tablets and other mobile devices.

To enable Assignment Annotations, a faculty member must first enable Blackbaud Online Submission when you Add New Assignment. This enables students to submit files and text online.

Students and teachers have two different ways to navigate to the Assignment Detail page. The first method is through the My Day section and then clicking on the Assignment Center. Alternatively, faculty and students can click on Classes, then click on the class name, and finally select the Assignments option to see a list of assignment types to select from.

From the Assignment Detail page, teachers can click on individual students to see their submissions. By selecting the title of an assignment that has the Blackbaud Online Submission feature enabled, teachers are able to use the annotation tools or download the file. From the Assignment Center screen, students can view the submitted file and any annotations left behind by the teacher.