Competency Based Education

With Competency Based Education, schools can move away from the traditional alpha numeric grading and instead better communicate to students what skills and abilities they need to master. This system provides a better way to track a student's learning goals and progression.

Through this feature, schools can add or import their own standards and competencies for use in Gradebooks, rubrics, assignments, and more. Academic group managers at schools that have Competency Based Education installed can get started on this feature by going to Academics, Grades, Grading setup, and then Mastery settings.

Once your settings are established and your Transferable and Content-area skill labels have been customized to what your school needs, it's time to use the skill lists to start creating the actual skills that students are evaluated on.

Once the administrator or manager has finished setting up Competency Based Education materials, teachers can then start working with them. From the Assignment center, filters and columns specific to CBE can be used like Grading style.