Google Drive Assignments

Platform Managers can integrate Google Drive with Blackbaud online submissions. For information about how to enable the integration from Core, refer to Integration: Google Drive for Students

Tip: Watch the video demonstration on YouTube.

When the integration is enabled, students can submit files from their Google Drive accounts for assignments that have Blackbaud online submissions enabled. To do so, students click Attach Files on the assignment detail page. They then click Add From Google Drive to login and select the appropriate files.

  • If a student selects a non-Google document from Google Drive, the file is handled the same as a file selected from the student’s local computer.

  • If a student selects a Google Document from Google Drive, the student can choose:

    • to convert the file and submit it as an attachment for the teacher to download. The student must select a conversion format based on the Google Document type.

    • to submit the document as a link which the teacher can access from Google’s website. The student must ensure that the document is shared correctly. If the document isn’t shared correctly, the teacher won’t be able to access it in Google. When teachers access files in Google Drive, they can use Google’s collaboration tools. Based on the sharing settings, these may include the right to edit and/or add comments to the shared document.

    • Before attaching a Google Drive file to an online submission assignment, students see the file name, the type of file it is, and who the file is going to be shared with. All teachers for the active term are selected to have the file shared with them by default though students can select or add specific users from Share if needed.

    Tip: Google Documents include Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet, Google Slide, and more. Google Spreadsheets can be shared but not converted.

When teachers and faculty access the Assignment Detail page, they are able to click on the name of each student to see all submitted files. Depending on how the student uploaded the files, they may see options to download, annotate, or share via the Google icon.

  • If a file is shared via Google Drive, the teacher will have access to all of the tools that Google Drive offers including commenting, editing, revision history, and many more. Once saved, the file will be automatically updated.