Query Preview Columns

When you preview your query results, you can edit the columns on the Query Preview page to display the information you want to see.

To sort the list by a particular column, click the column title. To choose which columns will appear on the Query Preview page, click Choose columns on the toolbar. The Choose columns to show in the list screen appears. The Query Preview page only includes the most commonly used columns in eTapestry. For more column options, create a custom report.

You can select a column category from the All categories dropdown menu, such as Base or Account Fields, or search for a column in the search bar at the top of the menu to filter available columns.

Select or clear the checkbox next to the columns you want to appear or remove. To quickly clear all the values for these fields, click Clear all. Click Apply Changes after you make your column selections to return to the Journal page.

You can change the order of the columns by selecting a column header and dragging.

When you resize a column width in the grid, the adjusted width now remains in place until you resize it again. You can click Restore Defaults to return default column settings.

Note: Journal related columns are not available when the Data Return Type is set to an Account Option.