Get Started with Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY View

Blackbaud has extended customer access to the classic view of Blackbaud Grantmaking. The last day classic view is available is October 11, 2021 to align with the very last day Microsoft is supporting Silverlight. These extensions allow for a longer grace period for clients to adopt the new SKY View. We encourage customers to make the move right away. Below are the approximate times that access to Blackbaud Grantmaking in the classic view will end.

  • Customers in the UK: Tuesday, 12 October, at 12:00 AM BST

  • Customers in the US and Canada: Tuesday, October 12th at 6:00 AM ET / 12 Oct 8pm AEDT

  • Customers in Australia: Tuesday, October 12th at 8:00 PM ET AEDT

To begin using the new SKY view, start with Step 1: Log in for the first time.

Note: Because Classic view will no longer be supported beginning October 11, 2021, we advise your organization's Admin to start inviting users to Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY view as soon as possible.

Check out the video below for a quick overview of Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY view!