Blackbaud Grantmaking Web Help

Blackbaud Grantmaking is a web-based grants management system based on decades of best-in-class grants management technology from Blackbaud, the leading provider of solutions for the giving community. With more than 2,400 clients worldwide, Blackbaud software and services empower organizations to be more strategic and focused with their giving.

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Navigation: Getting around in Blackbaud Grantmaking - User Menus, Ribbon Menus and Dashboards.

The Core: Many of the core concepts of Blackbaud Grantmaking are found here - Batch Updates, Creating Correspondences, Data Processing, working with Code Tables, etc.

Modules: Blackbaud Grantmaking uses a modular approach to functionality: separate modules are linked, allowing each client to build a system that meets their specific needs.

Reporting: In order to provide the most intuitive access to reports, Blackbaud Grantmaking offers several different categories and options.

Blackbaud Grantmaking Mobile App: Blackbaud Grantmaking Mobile gives users a mobile version of their Blackbaud Grantmaking system in order to easily access grant related information when it is not convenient to log into their main version of Blackbaud Grantmaking.

Blackbaud Outcomes: Connect, empower, and accelerate purposeful philanthropy by enabling the capture and tracking of meaningful results and achievements between grantmakers (funders) and grantees (NPOs).

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