Caller ID

Note: You need to be an Administrator in Blackbaud Guided Fundraising to access the Caller ID Settings page.

You can update the Caller ID name and number that constituents will see on phone calls placed from Guided Fundraising. The phone number and Caller ID name will be the same for every agent that places calls from Guided Fundraising. You should use a number that you are able to answer when prospects call back the number that shows on their Caller ID.

  • Name: The name field is the name that will display on Caller ID. Typically only landlines display the name on Caller ID. Some mobile devices will display the name if there are caller ID apps installed on the device, but most mobile devices will only display the number. To ensure the name displays well across different Caller ID systems, the name field is limited to 15 characters, and can only include letters and numbers.

  • Number: The number field is the number that will display on Caller ID. Most mobile devices only show the number on Caller ID, while landlines typically show both the name and the number.