Exporting data

In Blackbaud Guided Fundraising, your agents will enter data such as donations, contacts, and profile updates. You can view all of this data in Blackbaud Guided Fundraising within the management dashboard. If you need to import this data into another system, you can export the data from Blackbaud Guided Fundraising.

There are two options for exporting data from Guided Fundraising:

  • Most clients log in to the Guided Fundraising platform daily and export gift and profile update information directly from the platform. From Analytics, select Activity, Phone/Text Donations, or Web Donations. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select to Export All Changes or Export New Changes. Most clients prefer this option because it is easier for most users to access this data directly in the platform rather than the SFTP folder option as described below.

  • Alternatively, we can setup an SFTP folder and deliver export files there nightly. These export files would be in the format described in the Blackbaud Guided Fundraising File Export Guide documentation. The benefit of using the SFTP folder is we are able to make some limited tweaks to the file formatting, such as change the file extension, remove carriage returns, or change the date formats. This option requires that you submit a request to Blackbaud Support for SFTP folder setup and provide a static IP address for the computer your institution will use to access the SFTP folder for whitelisting.

For more information on exporting data from Guided Fundraising, see the Exporting Data video.