Implementation checklist

Before you launch your first campaign in Guided Fundraising, you will need to configure some administrative settings to set up calling, email, text messaging, and payment processing. You can use the checklist below as a guide for getting started. Click on each of the linked items for more information.

Initial checklist

  1. Using your Blackbaud ID, log in to the staff side of Guided Fundraising at

  2. Load your prospect and gift data (does not apply to FPM customers)

  3. Configure your Phone Settings

  4. Configure your Email Settings

    • Sender Name

    • Sender Address

    • Forward Address

  5. Set up a custom email domain (optional)

  6. Set up a payment processor to accept payments (optional)

  7. Test and prepare each agent workstation

    • Confirm hardware needs are met for each workstation

      • Computers

      • Headsets

    • Confirm access on each computer to most up-to-date version of either

      • Chrome

      • Firefox

    • Test firewall and computer whitelist settings/connectivity

  8. Create your first campaign

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