Getting started with text messaging

Guided Fundraising enables you to engage in 1:1 text message conversations with your prospects, coordinated through multi-channel outreach. Before you can start texting in Guided Gundraising, there are a few things you'll need to set up.

How text messaging works in Guided Fundraising

Some text messages are sent automatically through Guided Fundraising, and some text messages are sent by Agents. A text message conversation starts when you include a Text Message step in your campaign's Play. As prospects reach the step, they receive the template you created for that step in the Play. The text messages that are sent out as a part of a Play are automated - the Agent doesn't need to take any action to send those messages. Just like Emails and Mailing lists, those messages will send as long as the Play hasn't stopped for some reason, like a completed result, a donation, or a response to a previous text message.

As soon as a prospect responds to a text message, the assigned agent will see the response in their My New Messages section, and will begin to reply 1:1. All text messages from that point on in the campaign will be sent by the Agent. Once a prospect responds to a text message, the Play also stops. That means that no further actions that were included in the Play, such as addition emails, automated text messages, mailing lists, and follow-up calls, will occur. The Play is built with the assumption that you haven't engaged with the prospect yet, so once the prospect chooses to engage through Text Message they no longer progress through the Play.

Setting up Text Messaging

Before you can start texting in Guided Fundraising, there are a few things you need to set up: