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Release 22.6.2

Release 22.6

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Release 22.4

Release 22.3

Release 22.2.1

Release 22.1

Participant Center Changelog

Version 22.6.2 Release Notes

November 2022

The Luminate Online22.6.2 release contains product enhancements and resolved issues.

Product Updates

The 22.6.2 release contains the following enhancements:

PayPal in Blackbaud Checkout now accepts Canadian and Australian one-time gifts

Donors can now make one-time gifts of Canadian (CAD) or Australian (AUD) currency through PayPal in Blackbaud Checkout in addition to US dollar (USD) currency.

To offer PayPal in Blackbaud Checkout, first set up Blackbaud Checkout for Luminate Online, then set up PayPal with Blackbaud Merchant Services. No additional steps are needed to enable the currency support.

Add a Divider Line in an Email Message

Add visual appeal and separate sections of your email by inserting a divider line to your email using the Email Designer in the new Email experience.

To add a line, move Divider line to the layout, set its style, and select Apply.

Resolved Issues


Bug Description


Direct Debit transactions in Blackbaud Checkout produce technical difficulties when generating receipts

Receipts can be successfully generated for Direct Debit transactions in Blackbaud Checkout.


Bug Description


The relative URL can break when jsessionid is in the URL causing images to not display

When a site's main domain redirects to SITE_HOMEPAGE_URL, the redirect no longer embeds a jsession in the URL so that image formats remain valid and images load normally.


Version 22.6 Release Notes

October 2022

The Luminate Online 22.6 release contains security updates, product enhancements, and resolved issues.

Product Updates

The 22.6 release contains the following enhancements:


Available now! New email experience with drag and drop features

We're excited to announce our new Email Campaign experience, featuring a drag-and-drop email designer!

The new designer includes conditionals and S-Tags, sorting/filtering for images and lists, personalization, and more!

The updated experience is fully compatible with the classic email campaign and allows you to switch between the experiences to use all options in both the classic and new Email Campaign offerings. There are no extra fees and no new contracts required to use this new experience.

To learn more, see Email Campaigns and catch our on-demand webinar, Designing and Sending Luminate Online Email Just Got Easier!

ACH payments in Blackbaud Checkout

Accept ACH (direct debit) payments for one-time or recurring payments in Blackbaud Checkout!

After selecting Direct debit account, donors enter their bank information.

To identify direct debit payments through Blackbaud Checkout, search for the Direct Debit (Secure Checkout) transaction in one of the reports identified in Reports for Blackbaud Checkout.

See Direct Debit (ACH) in Blackbaud Checkout.


Capture first and last names in Blackbaud Checkout

You can now require donors to provide their first and last name in Blackbaud Checkout. When enabled, donors must include their first and last names during payment, and the information is captured as part of the payment transaction.

To enable first and last name as required fields in Blackbaud Checkout for Luminate Online, contact Blackbaud Support to enable the PAYMENT_BBCHECKOUT_IS_NAME_REQUIRED Site Option.


Embed TeamRaiser Top Participants on any page

Display your TeamRaiser's top participants in a scrolling list on your site! Each TeamRaiser configuration now includes code that you can use to embed the Top Participant status indicator in any web page on any domain.

To use the code snippet, open your TeamRaiser event, and visit the Publish page. You'll see the code available to add to your page. You'll also need to allow your domain to serve the framed content by adding your domain to the SEC_CSP_FRAME_ANCESTORS_DOMAIN Site Option.


See Top Participant status indicator for the complete steps.


Enhanced API handling of designations for Designated Giving

API handling of designations is improved! A new parameter, single_designated_id, is available in the donate, startDonation, and finishDonation API methods to work directly with the Single Gift Designee element to assign an entire transaction amount to one designee.

Use the matched pair of and designated.X.amount parameters on forms with a Designated Giving Donation Level element to split a transaction between multiple designees and assign different amounts to each. On forms with a Single Gift Desingee element where the entire transaction is intended for one designee, use the new single_designated_id parameter.

For more details, see Updates to API designation handling with Issue resolution 2193825.


Responsive constituent pages

Constituents can now interact with your site using responsive pages that adapt to the size of the device.

Fully-responsive pages from the Standard Page Center include: registration, profile update, opt-out confirmations, and email interests/preferences. The updated pages feature div-based layouts.

This feature was updated in 22.6 to allow administrators access to the Site Options that enable the responsive pages.

To enable, you can now set any of the following Site Options to TRUE:

  • Email interest or preference page: CONS_EMAIL_PREF_USE_RESPONSIVE_LAYOUT




By default, the options are FALSE to use the existing table-based layout.

Resolved Issues


Bug Description


When a donation form uses Standard Donation Level + Single Gift Designation elements and uses the donate API method with the and designated.1.amount parameters, the designation is recorded in designated_transaction correctly, but incorrectly in the XML. If API Validation is enabled, the donation is accepted, but not the designation.

API transaction records do not succeed when a donation form:

  • Uses the Standard Donation Level data element (or Sustaining or Installment donation level element)

  • Uses the Single Gift Designation donation element

  • Calls the donate API method with the and designated.1.amount parameters to record a designee

To use a donation form with the Standard Donation Level data element and the Single Gift Designation donation element, you must use the new parameter, single_designated_id, instead of the and designated.X.amount parameters.

The parameter, single_designated_id is available for the donate, startDonation, and finishDonation API methods. The single_designated_id parameter works directly with the Single Gift Designee element to assign the entire transaction amount to only one designee. The ID of the designee is passed via the parameter.

API validation now ignores the and designated.X.amount parameters when the Single Gift Designee element is present on a form. When the Single Gift Designee is not present on a form, the validation ignores the single_designated_id parameter.


When the getTeamsByInfo API call includes an event_type filter, TeamRaiser events that are in a "Registration only" status are not included

The getTeamsByInfo method now returns data for TeamRaiser teams that have a Registration only status even when the event_type filter is included in the call.



Bug Description


During Single Gift Designation remediation, when multiple designations use the same public name, remediation uses the most-recently created designation instead of the designation available on the form

Handling of Single Gift Designation remediation was updated to use a designee that is associated with the donation form.



Bug Description


Cannot paste in the WYSIWYG editor on Mirrored events

When in Content > Events > eventname > Edit > Configure Ticket Types > Edit > Edit Ticket Description, switching to the WYSIWYG content editor in the next step now works as expected.

Luminate CMS

Bug Description


The S-28 Tag does not work in CMS when reCatpchaV3 is enabled

Surveys that are embedded in a Luminate CMS page and use reCAPTCHA v3 now work as expected.


Bug Description


In Report Writer, TeamRaiser transaction totals sometimes differ from totals in the Site Usage report

To ensure consistency across different usage reports, the amount of fr_gift (amount = fee_paid + extra_gift) is now equal to the amount of fr_registration + fee_paid. These amounts are seen in the Site Usage report as well as the TeamRaiser usage reports, such as the Teamraiser Online Gift Amount($) and Teamraiser Online Registration Amount($).



In Report Writer, the filter selection of Form ID requires the Form Name and not the Form ID number

When filtering by donation form in Report Writer, you can now search for the Form ID by using the Form ID number instead of the Form Name.



In Reports Classic, when attempting to save a report in My Reports, the following Security Error occurs: "You are not currently authorized to perform the operation or view the page that you have selected."

After running a report in Reports Classic, you can once again successfully save the report to My Reports by selecting Add to My Reports.


Site URLs

Bug Description


SPageServer can use an incorrect base URL and break anchor tags causing links to go to "Page Not Found"

In some cases, the SPageServer base href caused an issue for anchor tags and relative links to other pages because the base href is missing the SPageServer portion of the URL. This is resolved and links to other web pages work as expected.



Bug Description


Coaching email filters for Maximum and Minimum Donation Amount do not work as expected

In TeamRaiser Coaching Email, the audience filter was updated to ensure that targeted recipients, especially those targeted for Minimum Donation Amount and Maximum Donation Amount, receive the email as expected, and those who should not receive the emails do not. The filter language was also updated to clarify the summary.



Team members are not able to delete a Team Contact from the Address Book in a Participant Center

In Participant Centers, team members are now able to delete team member contacts from the Address Book as expected.



In Participant Centers, event names that use an ampersand (&) display "&amp:" instead of "&"

Participant Centers now properly display ampersands (&) in TeamRaiser event names.



Some participants are not able to complete registration as a returning participant when the constituent record has "null" as value for the "Accepts email" option

All returning participants can now complete their TeamRaiser registration.


Version 22.5.2 Release Notes

September 2022

The Luminate Online 22.5.2 release contains an issue resolution and product enhancements including updates to support compliance with Mastercard recurring gift requirements that take effect March 21, 2023.

Product Updates

Generally Available - Accept Venmo payments in Blackbaud Checkout!

Mastercard recurring payment requirement features


Generally Available - Accept Venmo payments in Blackbaud Checkout!

Venmo in Blackbaud Checkout is now generally available! After enabling the Blackbaud Merchant ServicesPayPal integration, devices with Venmo installed automatically display Venmo as a payment method in Blackbaud Checkout for one-time, US dollar transactions.

Venmo features include:

  • Blackbaud PayPal rate (2.8% + $0.26) for Venmo transactions

  • Support for one-time gifts in US dollars

  • Funds disbursement by PayPal to your organization's PayPal business account

To integrate your PayPal account, see PayPal Commerce Platform in the Blackbaud Merchant Services documentation.

To use Blackbaud Checkout in Luminate Online, you can either:

To learn how donors process Venmo payments in Blackbaud Checkout, see Knowledgebase article 199050.

Tip: Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android are approved to offer Venmo on mobile devices. On desktop, Venmo is approved on any major web browser.

Note: Venmo may not consistently display in Safari on Apple iOS 15, but a resolution may come in iOS 16. See Knowledgebase article 198999.

Note: In Luminate Online, Venmo transactions currently display as "PayPal" transaction types. Luminate Online will soon delineate Venmo transactions. Meanwhile, view Venmo transactions in the Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) Web Portal.


Mastercard recurring payment requirement features

Mastercard announced new requirements for recurring donations, pledges, and memberships paid via Mastercard. Your organization should review and make changes by March 21, 2023 to ensure compliance.

For an in-depth session on meeting requirements, see our on demand webinar: Be Compliant with new Mastercard Recurring Gift Requirements. Resources that accompany the webinar are posted in our Community. See also the Blackbaud Mastercard compliance page and Knowledgebase article 199934.

This release provides new enhancements to assist your organization to meet the new requirements. Review each requirement and recommendation at our MasterCard recurring card payment requirements resource.

New donation form data element

Add the new Recurring Gift Terms Acceptance data element on your donation form to display a terms and agreement statement before your supporter agrees to the recurring payment.

See Add a recurring gift "terms and acceptance" element to a donation form.

New infrequent donor support

Tip: Infrequent donor autoresponders are disabled by default so that you can review and update autoresponder language before sending emails to your supporters. To send infrequent donor autoresponders, enable the task as described in Requirement 5 in the MasterCard recurring card payment requirements resource.

New autoresponders meet Mastercard's requirement to remind infrequent donors of an upcoming billing. Mastercard defines an infrequent donor as someone who sends payments spaced 6 months or more apart.

Reminders of upcoming payments must go out to the supporter between 3-7 days before the billing.

The new autoresponders, which are disabled by default, are:

  • Next Sustaining Payment Notification

  • Next Installment Payment Notification

Both contain language about the upcoming billing, subscription terms, and how to cancel the subscription.

Because the autoresponders are disabled by default, you'll need to turn them on when you are ready. To enable the autoresponders, you'll go to Setup > Site Options, and set DON_RECURRING_PLEDGE_NOTIF_TASK_EXECUTION_ENABLED to TRUE. By setting this to TRUE, the Recurring Donor Notification Task runs daily for your site to identify infrequent donors who have an upcoming billing. The autoresponders will automatically send out 5 days in advance of a billing to any infrequent donors identified by the task.

Review Requirement 5 in our MasterCard recurring card payment requirements resource.

Note: As always, it is best to work with your organization's legal advisor, who is familiar with your practices and constituents, to determine your obligations under the card rules and other requirements to which your organization may be subject. Nothing in this information should be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances.

Resolved Issue

Calendar Events

Bug Description


Calendar Event registration autoresponder emails don't send for $0 registrations

In the 22.5.1 release, an update was made to Calendar Event registration autoresponders that prevented the send of registration autoresponders for $0 ticketed Calendar Event registrations. This is resolved and $0 ticketed Calendar Event registrants will now receive autoresponder email confirmation.

Version 22.5.1 Release Notes

August 2022

The Luminate Online 22.5.1 release contains security updates, product enhancements, and resolved issues.

Product Updates

The 22.5.1 release contains the following enhancements:


Multi-Factor Authentication for users

You can now enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for user (constituent) access to your site.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires two or more verification factors to access a resource.

Luminate Online uses a 6-digit code emailed to the user as a one-time password (OTP). The user copies the code from the email and enters it into the login page to access your site.

See Multi-Factor Authentication for Users.


Responsive constituent pages

Constituents can now interact with your site using responsive pages that adapt to the size of the device.

Fully-responsive pages from the Standard Page Center include: registration, profile update, opt-out confirmations, and email interests/preferences.

This feature is updated in 22.6 to allow administrators access to the Site Options that enable the responsive pages. See Responsive constituent pages.

Customize the Embedded Donation Form

In 22.1, we added a feature to add a Donate button to your web page. We're excited to share the following enhancements so you can customize your quick checkout experience:

  • Apply custom styles

  • Easily revert code changes back to an earlier version for risk-free testing


Allow expired credit cards for active recurring gifts to flow to Blackbaud Payment Services

You can now send active recurring gifts with expired credit cards to Blackbaud Payment Services (BBPS) for potential processing so that you can collect as much support for your mission as possible. In some instances, banks honor expired credit cards.

By default, Luminate Online continues to restrict expired cards. To send expired cards for potential processing, you must enable this option.

To enable this option, contact Blackbaud Support.

See Send expired credit cards to Blackbaud Payment Services.


Create a team after TeamRaiser registration

TeamRaiser participants in Participant Center 3 (PC3) can now create a team after registering for the event.

When a participant wants to form a team in PC3 after registering, the new createTeam API is at work behind the scenes to either create a new TeamRaiser team for the event or re-form a team from a previous event. The participant becomes the captain by default.


Facebook integration enhancements

We've improved a participant's experience while connecting their personal TeamRaiser fundraiser with Facebook Fundraising.


Resolved Issues


Bug Description


When Blackbaud Checkout transactions encounter the network error, "Already Connected," a Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) 807 error occurs.

When a network issue prevents a Blackbaud Checkout transaction, Luminate Online correctly identifies the failure and records the activity in the database.


The Donation API generates a field validation error when Organization Name is on a donation form.

When API validation (Validate API Donation Requests) is enabled on a donation form that uses the Organization Name data element, the request now processes the organization input correctly based on optional or required fields.


The pop up embedded donation form (Donate Now button) doesn't close sometimes.

The embedded donation form now handles web browser security policies for accessing a cross-origin frame and closes properly when the close symbol, "X," is selected.


Non-credit card fields should restrict number sequences like a credit card number.

Increased validation prevents donors from entering data into incorrect places on a donation form.


Attempting to cancel a recurring gift on the day that the task runs does not cancel the recurring gift.

Recurring gift cancellations entered on the day of gift processing now cancel successfully.


Bug Description


In emails sent through Luminate Online, unsecured (HTTP) images don't render in Microsoft Outlook's web app.

Emails sent from a secure Luminate Online site that contain HTTP-hosted images now display those images when viewed from Microsoft Outlook's web app.


The unsubscribe function doesn't work as expected from an iOS device.

Unsubscribe now works as expected when done from an iPhone or iOS device.

Version 22.4 Release Notes

June 2022

The Luminate Online 22.4 release contains security updates, product enhancements, and resolved issues.

Product Updates

Facebook integration enhancements

We've added improvements to our monitoring and issue detection of the TeamRaiser integration with Facebook Fundraising.

Resolved Issues

Coaching Email

Bug Description


In coaching email, the S42 S-Tag in a URL in an href doesn't return anything, causing the line to break.

When the S42 S-Tag is in a URL that's inside of an href, the tag now evaluates the fr_id of the TeamRaiser to produce a working link.

Data Management

Bug Description


When attempting to merge duplicate records that each have a Facebook Fundraiser, the following error occurs: "Records cannot be merged if the duplicate record has a TeamRaiser registration connected to a Facebook Fundraiser. Select the duplicate as the master record and try the merge again."

You can now merge duplicate records that each have a connection to a Facebook Fundraiser.

When merging, the primary record maintains the Facebook Fundraiser connection, and the duplicate record removes its Facebook Fundraiser connection.


Bug Description


A donation toward a single designee is captured as an interaction instead of a designated transaction.

A donation on a form that includes the use of both the Single Designee and Standard Donation Level elements, a donation toward a single designee is now correctly captured as a designated transaction.


Bug Description


The "Powered by Blackbaud" image appears broken in Preview.

When previewing an email, the "Powered by Blackbaud" image displays as expected when the image is appended to an email.


Bug Description


reCAPTCHA on API donation forms prevents PayPal transactions.

Using reCAPTCHA on an API-based donation form no longer prevents PayPal transactions from processing.


Bug Description


Unable to delete reports under "My Reports" due to a permission error.

You can now delete reports under "My Reports."

Version 22.3 Release Notes

April 2022

The Luminate Online 22.3 release contains general security updates and resolved issues.

Resolved Issues


Bug Description


Constituents are added to partitions incorrectly, bypassing partition criteria adjustment.

Constituents are added to the appropriate partitions according to partition criteria.


Bug Description


Autoresponder messages and PDF receipts are not translating into French for Canadian locale.

The autoresponder and PDF receipt are translated into the correct language for the locale where the donation was made.


Completing a TeamRaiser delayed self pledge sends the default Installment Final Thank You autoresponder even when a customized version of the autoresponder is set.

Completing a TeamRaiser delayed self pledge sends the customized version of the Installment Final Thank You autoresponder.


An error is displayed when clicking links to surveys at URLs with more than 255 characters.

Links to survey URLs work as expected.


Implementing reCAPTCHA API on external sites fails due to host name mismatches with Google API.

reCAPTCHA API can be implemented on external sites.


Bug Description


When using Google autofill for payment information, the credit card expiration date is placed in the amount field.

Google autofill payment information is placed in the correct fields.


Searching for "cola" in the company name field for matching gifts results in Technical Difficulties error.

Searching for "cola" in the company name field displays results found.


Bug Description


Updating payment gateways with a Blackbaud Payment Services account password containing an ampersand results in a 401 error,

Updating payment gateways saves as expected.


Bug Description


Facebook Fundraiser can be saved with end dates earlier than TeamRaiser event dates and do not display an error message.

An error message is displayed when a Facebook Fundraiser end date is earlier than the TeamRaiser event date.

Version 22.2.1 Release Notes

April 2022

The Luminate Online 22.2.1 release contains general security updates, product updates, and resolved issues.

Product Updates

Limited Availability release of Venmo in Blackbaud Checkout

Venmo in Blackbaud Checkout is now available to select customers! See our Community announcement to learn more. We'll soon announce a wide release of Venmo for Blackbaud Checkout. After PayPal is configured, Venmo automatically displays as a payment option in Blackbaud Checkout.

Resolved Issues

In addition to the resolved issues below, the 22.2.1 release resolves an issue found in the 22.2 release that impacted constituent log ins.


Bug Description


On a constituent record, the sustaining gift information can sometimes display out of date information

All Sustaining Gift information on a constituent record shows correct and current information following the resolution of error code truncation.


Following the 21.5 release, when a donor doesn't select an eCard option, Luminate Online allows for a non-valid email to be entered in the sender email field which prevents it from syncing to Blackbaud CRM.

When a donor doesn't select the eCard option on a donation form, non-valid email addresses are no longer allowed in the email address field.


The embedded donation form for Blackbaud Checkout produces an error.

When a donor uses the embedded Blackbaud Checkout donation form on a web page, an error no longer occurs.


When processing donations, Google's autofill feature adds the CVV value as the donation amount.

When a donor uses Google's Autofill feature to enter their payment information on a donation form, the donation level selected by the donor does not change.


Bug Description


In eCommerce checkout, the shipping address continues to autofill the billing information section even after clearing the, "This is also my billing address," checkbox.

Billing fields in eCommerce checkout are cleared of shipping address information after the option, "This is also my billing address," is unchecked.


Bug Description


In Email, the date recorded for when a recipient opened an email can sometimes show a future date due to constituent merge behavior.

Email statistics correctly show the date that a recipient opened an email.


Bug Description


When attempting to register for a ticketed event, the following error sometimes occurs, "We are currently experiencing problems servicing your request. Please send us information that you think might be helpful. Thank you!"

Registering for a ticketed Calendar event no longer causes the occasional technical difficulties error when advancing to the payment page.


Bug Description


When an administrator is processing a refund for a TeamRaiser registration, the system allows the admin to double-click the submit button which causes duplicate refunds.

To avoid duplicate refunds, administrators can no longer double-click Submit when processing TeamRaiser refunds.


When viewing team totals from a national company page, unconfirmed gifts are included in the fundraising totals even though the event is set to exclude unconfirmed gifts from the totals.

When a TeamRaiser event is set to exclude unconfirmed gifts from fundraising totals, unconfirmed gifts are no longer included in the team fundraising totals on a national company page.


Sometimes after making a Delayed Self-Pledge (DSP) payment via upload or online tool, the participant's summary page doesn't show the registration fee and the fee is missing from the total raised.

When a TeamRaiser event is configured to include the full value of recurring gifts and registration fees in status indicators, registration fees are properly credited to the total raised and display on the participant's summary page.


Participant Center 3 needs a new Message Catalog entry for team captain message placeholder.

We've added a new Message Catalog entry, "trpc:captains_message_empty_placeholder," with the text, "Enter a message for your teammates, as a placeholder for the Team Captain's Message in Participant Center 3.

The new entry is also available for es_US and fr_CA locales.


Version 22.1 Release Notes

January 2022

The Luminate Online 22.1 release contains general security updates, product updates, and resolved issues.

Product Updates

The 22.1 release contains the following enhancements:

Add a Donate Button to Your Website

Provide a quick and easy donation form to your supporters by adding a Donate Now button to any page of your website.

When a donor clicks the button, a short Blackbaud Checkout modal presents the donation form and quickly takes the donor through checkout.

To get started, see Add a Donate button to your web page.

Resolved Issues


Bug Description


Vote Center missing the 117th Congress.

The 117th Congress is available in the Vote Center.

Luminate CRM

Bug Description


In Queue Problem Management (QPM), "DBConnectionLimitException" errors display.

When working with Queue Problem Management (QPM) for Luminate Online integration with Luminate CRM, calls made by the service bus on Luminate CRM no longer cause limit exception errors or dropped connections.


Bug Description


When a donor enters only 4 or 5 digits for credit card numbers on a donation form, they are sent to a Technical Difficulties page instead of getting an invalid number error.

Credit card numbers on donation forms are validated for length and return an Enter a valid credit card number message if the validation is not successful.


An original CAPTCHA field is included in an API-based donation form when the SEC_CAPTCHA_VERSION Site Option is set to any value other than RECAPTCHA_V3.

For API-based donation forms, no visible CAPTCHA field appears. The original CAPTCHA version is not supported in the API and no longer displays. reCAPTCHA v3 is supported, but is invisible to the user.


The donate API method response includes a field error referencing the original CAPTCHA functionality.

On API-based donation forms using donate, a failed reCAPTCHA v3 validation returns a generic page error instead of a field error that was specific to the original CAPTCHA functionality.


Bug Description

When a product that has a premium is in the cart, the eCard selection is not retained and must be reselected.

Adding a product with premium into the cart now retains the eCard selection.


In eCommerce, the Tax Exempt check box does not appear

The Tax Exempt check box is available in eCommerce.


When copying an eCommerce store, some content in Configure Standard Pages is missing.

Copying an eCommerce store now copies all content specified in Configure Standard Pages.


Bug Description
1949326 When editing constituent records, email Interest categories do not display.

Email Interest categories now display when editing constituent records using the Edit Site-wide Preferences option.


Constituents sometimes get an error trying to submit a survey from a Luminate Online email link, but the errors don’t specify which field is at fault.

Unsuccessful survey submissions now generate specific error information in the logs.


When on the unsubscribe page, updating email interests with no selection adds record to all centers.

Users are added only to interests and centers that they select.


Bug Description
1973727 The UpdateTeamRaiserStats task is sometimes failing causing incorrect TeamRaiser stats.

Updates were made to ensure the successful run of the UpdateTeamRaiserStats task so that Teams/Participant/Companies have accurate totals.


The getCompaniesByInfo API call fails with an "Unable to process request" error.

The getCompaniesByInfo API call succeeds in retrieving company information.