Permissions to connect applications

In the Blackbaud Marketplace, one of the enhanced security measures to protect your solutions is that only environment administrators can connect and disconnect applications. This enables your organization to decide who has the decision-making powers over which applications are trusted and important for your organization to use. Connecting an application, however is just one step in the process. First, it's important to get to know the application and application provider and ensure the relationship would be a positive one for your organization. Then, after you connect an application, the partner and its Marketplace application cannot access your Blackbaud data until you give it permission. Permission is granted on a per user basis and respects the security rights of the user who provides consent. For example, one way to have control over what the Marketplace connected application can access in your data is to create a user with your designated, limited security rights in a Blackbaud solution and have that user provide consent.

Blackbaud organization, environment, and solution admins

In Blackbaud solutions your organization has three different types of admins. Each have important responsibilities for the success of your Blackbaud implementation. Let's review each type of role and how they are set up.

How do I become an environment admin?

If you are an admin for your organization but on the applications details page, you see a Get started button instead of Connect, then you may be an organization or solution admin. However, this can be resolved by contacting one of your organization's admins and have them perform the following steps.

  1. Sign in to

  2. In the upper-left corner, select the menu and then Admin.


  3. Select Settings, Environments.

  4. On the environment's card, the organization admin can see who already is assigned environment admin permission. To see who, if any, are assigned, select the # Environment admins link.

  5. To add an environment admin, select the menu , then Invite environment admin.

  6. Enter the contact information and select Send invite. The new environment admin receives an invitation email.

  7. To complete the process, the new environment admin needs to accept via email. Once the new environment admin accepts, they should now see the ability to connect applications in the Blackbaud Marketplace.