To keep current with the best ways to reach a constituent (or related individual or organization), manage their addresses under Contact information on their record. To help decide where or whether to send mail, refer to the status of the recipient's addresses.

Tip: To get directions or familiarize yourself with a location, such as to prepare for a visit, select the address to view it in Google Maps.

Under Addresses, you can view and manage up to two (or three, with an “in season” seasonal address), with the primary or “in season” address first. To view any additional addresses, such as previous residences, select and more. To add an address, you can enter completely new contact information or share from another record, such as the constituent's spouse or employer.

Note: For more information about shared addresses, see Shared Addresses.

Tip: To help keep contact information up-to-date, use AddressFinder for the most current addresses for your constituents from United States Postal Service (USPS) National Change of Address (NCOA). For more information, see Address Finder.