Constituent Codes

Constituent codes define the high-level affiliations constituents have with your organization— such as Board member, Vendor, or Volunteer — and help you to understand why they're in your database. A constituent may have multiple constituent codes, such as someone who both volunteers and serves on your Board of Directors. We recommend you track constituent codes for all constituents.

  • On a constituent's record, you can view their affiliations under Constituent codes. By default, you can view up to three constituent codes, in the same order as in the database view. To view any additional codes, select and more.

  • Constituent codes can also help provide context of why someone gives. On a gift’s record, you can view the donor’s constituent code under Gift and marketing codes. For more information, see Gift and Marketing Codes.

Note: Constituent codes may be used to secure constituent records. For information, see Record Security.

Note: In the database view, you can set up and manage the available affiliations from the Constituent Codes category in Tables under Configuration.