Email Addresses

To keep current with the best ways to reach a organization (or related individual or organization), manage their email addresses under Contact information on their record. To help decide where to email an individual or organization, you can select a status for each address.

  • Primary — If they have multiple email addresses, mark their preferred point of contact as Primary.

  • Do not email — If they ask to not be contacted at an address, but you want to save it in case it's needed later, mark it as Do not email.

    Tip: In the database view, Do not email corresponds to Do not contact (DNC) for the email address on the Bio 1 tab of a constituent’s record.

  • Inactive — If an email address is no longer in use but you want to keep it, such as for historical reference, mark it as Inactive.

    Note: If they only have one email address, mark it as Primary before you mark it as Do not email or Inactive. Don’t worry, Raiser’s Edge NXT still respects the Do not email and Inactive status for primary email addresses.

You can view up to three email addresses under Email addresses, with the primary address first. To view any additional email addresses, such as those previously used, select and more.

Tip: To quickly email a constituent, select their email address on a list or record to start a message in your default email client. When you do this, you can choose to automatically create an action record for the email.