To track helpful or important details about a constituent, gift, or action, such as specific interest in your mission or special instructions for a gift, you can save notes on its record. With this information, you can connect with donors at a more personal level as you cultivate relationships and track lessons learned for more effective fundraising.

Tip: To save or link to a file such as an image, document, or web page, you can attach it to the record. For more information see Attachments.

Note: You can only save notes as text. Notes with rich text formatting or images must be added in database view. Rich text formatting typically includes emails, bold or italicized text, and text with special fonts or colors. Rich text formatting is not supported in web view, so text appears with plain formatting and images don't appear in web view. Gift notes in the database view that include images don’t appear in the web view. However, you can view all constituent and action notes in web view or database view.