Online Presence

To help cultivate relationships, we recommend you track the presence of individuals and organizations on websites and in social media to learn about their interests and promote their posts about your mission. Under Contact information on the record of a constituent (or related individual or organization), you can view and access where you can engage them online — such as a website or their profile on Facebook , Twitter , or LinkedIn — under Online presence. To help decide where to reach out to or follow online activity, you can select a status for each online account.

  • Primary — If a constituent has multiple accounts, mark their preferred point of contact as Primary.

  • Inactive — If an account is no longer in use but you want to keep it, such as for historical reference, mark it as Inactive.

You can view up to five websites or social media pages under Online presence, with the primary account first. To view any additional online presence, such as a Tumblr or company blog, select and more.

Tip: For information about how to use social media to enhance your fundraising efforts and interactions, see Social Media Best Practices.