Users and Invitations

Note: This content applies to users managed by security groups. If you instead manage a user's security by their roles, see Users.

To get users started in the web view, you can simply send them an invitation. From Control Panel, Security, you can view and manage the people who use Raiser's Edge NXT through the database or web view, such as to easily invite people to use the web view and cancel or resend invitations as necessary.

  • In the Raiser's Edge account column, your database view users appear. To register these users to use the web view, send them an invitation by email.

  • To invite an entirely new user to Raiser's Edge NXT, add them as a user and send an email invitation. When you add a new user, you assign their security group.

Tip: To view users based on their security groups, select Filters, choose the groups to include, and select Save. To view only users without a security group, select No group assigned.

Tip: To help prevent data loss, we recommend users with access to system-level features — like Settings or Control Panel — have a unique login for their admin tasks, separate from their day-to-day activity. For those users, set up multiple accounts in the database view, and invite each account to the web view with the appropriate security groups.