Fundraiser Assignments

To help cultivate relationships with constituents or prospects, you should assign fundraisers to interact with them and secure giving on behalf of your organization. On a constituent's record, you can view details about who manages their relationship under Assigned fundraisers. For each fundraiser, you can view their name, type, and when the relationship began and ended. For more details about a fundraiser, such as any goal amounts and notes, expand their row.

Note: For information about how to make a constituent a fundraiser, see Fundraisers.

Tip: For each fundraiser, you can view the appeal they use to solicit gifts and the campaign and fund to apply those gifts toward. To view details about a campaign, fund, or appeal, simply select its description to open its record.

By default, only active relationships appear under Assigned fundraisers. To view previous relationships, deselect Show current. To view only a specific type of fundraiser relationship, filter the list by that type.

Tip: To easily identify which active constituents aren't assigned to a fundraiser, use the Unassigned constituents list. For information, see Unassigned Constituents.

Tip: Admins! In Work Center, fundraiser can easily manage all their assigned relationships from one central location. To enable your fundraisers to use Work Center, see Set Up Fundraising Work Center.