To help raise money for your organization's mission, you can charge individuals and organizations to participate in or attend events. For example, you may sell tickets for a concert and offer different fees for children and adults.

On an event's record, under Fees, you can view how much you charge for each of the ways participants can register. For each fee, you can view:

  • What it's for, such as a ticket or a seat in a class

  • How much it costs and how much is eligible for a tax receipt

    Note: The contribution amount is how much of the fee is a donation that doesn't go toward the costs of the event, such as for food or benefits. For example, if you charge $100 for a ticket and $20 goes toward the cost of a meal, the contribution amount is $80.

  • How many you've sold

On an event's record, under Fees, you can also view and manage which fundraising efforts an event's payments support and add new fees for the event.