RSVP Status

To track who responds to an event invitation, update the RSVP status for participants and their guests. To change someone’s status, update it under Party information from the record of anyone in their party, or from the participant list.

Note: When people sign themselves or other people up for the event, the online registration form automatically marks them as attending. However, if the person who completes or pays for the registration — known as the host — only registers other people to participate, the form marks the RSVP status for the host as not applicable.

As the event date approaches, monitor invitations and responses from the event’s record under Participants, Pre-event. After the event, under Post-event, view how many attended and how many confirmed participants didn’t show. For more information, see Participants.

Note: Each total opens a pre-filtered list of participants you can use to follow up, such as to send reminders to people who indicated they’re interested in attending.

In the database view, RSVP statuses correspond to options in the Registration field.

  • Attending in web view appears as Registered in the database view.

  • Interested and Waitlisted in web view appear as Not registered in the database view.

  • Declined and Canceled in web view appear as Do not register in the database view.

Note: The web view statuses don’t appear in the database view’s Response field because response values are custom to your organization.

Note: Although you typically update RSVP statuses for individuals, you can also mark whether organizations respond to invitations. For example, a company may respond as attending to host its employees as guest participants.