As many people spend more for an event when some of its cost goes toward charity, your organization should consider events — such as galas, concert festivals, and tournaments — to raise awareness for your mission, engage new constituents, and encourage donations. After an event, follow up with participants to thank them for their support and offer chances to continue their relationship with your organization.

From Events, you can manage a list of events and open their records. To open a record, select the event's name from the list. On an event record, you can manage details such as its location, fees, and list of participants. For more information, see Event Records.

As you work with the list, select which events and information to view. To only view events that share characteristics, select Filters. For more information, see Event Filters.

Note: To view and manage the list of participants and guests who registered, attended, or were invited to an event, select the total. For more information about working with participants, see Participants.

Note: Admins! Events privileges set for a user's security group only apply to Events Management features in the database view. To enable users to access Events in the web view, create an event role and add them to it from Control Panel, Security. For more information, see Events Security.

Tip: For recommendations to consider as you design an event, see Event Best Practices.