JustGiving Integration

JustGiving users spread yourorganization's mission and raise funds on your behalf. To allow JustGiving fundraiser, donor, and gift data to enter Raiser's Edge NXT, start the JustGiving Integration from Control Panel, Settings. The integration creates constituent records (or matches on existing records) to help you identify those who influence giving, and creates gift records to help you track the funds your organization receives through peer-to-peer fundraising.

JustGiving teams, which allows fundraising page owners to join their pages together to contribute to an overall goal, are not currently supported in Raiser's Edge NXT. Therefore, JustGiving team totals, team name, and team URL do not synchronize. However, all data from individual team member's fundraising pages do synchronize and can be found on their constituent record. For more information, see New Constituent Records from JustGiving.

Tip: The JustGiving integration now supports gifts donated through guest checkout. The gift, name, and email associated with the credit card they used to make the gift will synchronize to Raiser's Edge NXT. Raiser's Edge NXT searches for a match on an existing constituent record to update before it creates a new one for the donor.

Note: The data only flows one way - from JustGiving to Raiser's Edge NXT. Changes made in Raiser's Edge NXT to the integration settings, constituent records, or donation records never affect the data in JustGiving, meaning the data might not be identical in both systems.

After you connect your JustGiving charity account, you can edit the default settings or set defaults for specific campaigns.