Database View

In the database view, you use a robust interface to view and manage all aspects of your fundraising efforts, such as to:

  • Track detailed congregant and relationship information, including volunteers and memberships.

  • Manage gifts and fundraising efforts including campaigns, funds, appeals, events, and mailings.

  • Create detailed queries to group, analyze, and export records.

  • Enter multiple records in bulk through Import or Batch.

  • Set advanced security for users, records, and data.

The steps to access the database view depend on where Blackbaud hosts your organization’s data — Microsoft Azure or a data center, such as Boston or Orange County.

Tip: Not sure where you’re hosted? Select Database . If you only see a list of your environments and the option to Open database view, you’re hosted in a data center. If you also see Install Workspace, Regional settings, Hosted files, and Database options, you’re hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Tip: For detailed information about the features of the database view, select Help, The Raiser's Edge Help Topics from its menu bar, or download its guides from The Raiser's Edge 7 How-to.

Note: To help secure sensitive data, the database view automatically signs out after 15 minutes of inactivity.