New Gift Records from JustGiving

When the JustGiving integration is enabled, new gift records are created in Raiser's Edge NXT for:

  • Gifts donated to JustGiving fundraising pages, including memorial/tribute pages.

    Note: Memorial/tribute information does not synchronize to new gift records.

  • Gifts donated directly to the charity in JustGiving.

  • Gifts donated through guest checkout

  • Recurring credit card gifts.

    Note: All recurring gift payments from JustGiving synchronize as a one-time gifts. The gift records do not indicate that they're associated with a recurring gift.

Tip: If your organization uses Blackbaud Merchant Services to process JustGiving donations, and the donor covers the JustGiving platform fee, the gift amount in Raiser's Edge NXT includes the original donation amount and the fee amount. If your organization receives JustGiving donations through the Blackbaud Giving Fund, and the donor helps with overall processing costs, the gift amount in Raiser's Edge NXT only includes the original donation amount.

Note: When a gift is processed in JustGiving, it is sent to a batch in Raiser's Edge NXT within 5 minutes. Batches containing gifts from JustGiving are created daily and include the description: JustGiving transactions from mm/dd/yyyy - Credit Card Payments. Gift records are not created for these gifts until you approve the batch. For more information, see Gift Batches.

Tip: No data about fundraising pages or gifts created in JustGiving prior to the initial synchronization or during a paused period flows to Raiser's Edge NXT. However, you can import this data manually. For more information, see Import JustGiving Gifts

On the gift record, you can view details that synchronized from JustGiving.