Default Settings for the JustGiving Integration

Before data can synchronize from JustGiving, set up defaults so data can map correctly in Raiser's Edge NXT and meet your organization's requirements for constituent and gift records. Under Control Panel, Settings, select JustGiving Integration and set up defaults for new gift records and new constituents from JustGiving.

When the default settings are complete, the Integration settings page displays details about the import, including the date of the initial synchronization.

Note: The data only flows one way - from JustGiving to Raiser's Edge NXT. Changes you make in Raiser's Edge NXT to the integration settings, constituent records, or donation records will never affect the data in JustGiving. This means that the data may not be identical in both systems.

Note: The data flow from JustGiving to Raiser's Edge NXT is continuous, so when a new fundraising page is created or a new gift occurs in JustGiving, you can expect to see it in Raiser's Edge NXT within a few hours.

Warning: Changes to the default settings only apply to gifts and constituents going forward, and don't apply retroactively to gifts and constituents that have already synchronized.