Use transactions to track financial information in your database. Although there are different transaction types for various donations, most transactions include the same basic information.

You can use the following hot keys to quickly navigate the transaction screen.

  • Ctrl+S - Save the form data using your current "Save and" option.

  • Ctrl+UP - Expand the section above the one you have open.

  • Ctrl+DOWN - Expand the section below the one you have open.

  • Ctrl+DEL - Clear the entered data and reset the form to its default values.

Setting Defaults

You can also set data entry defaults on the transaction screen. This is useful when you enter several transactions that share details. To set defaults, complete the information on the transaction screen that you want to set as defaults. You can set defaults for any field under Basic Information, Gift Type, Tribute or Soft Credit Information, User Defined Fields, and Recognition Information. When you enter a pledge, you can also set defaults in the Frequency, First Installment Date, and Installment Amount fields.

If you want to use this information for several days, but you want to continue to use the same date in the Date field, select Default date field to always be today's date.

Set as Quick Entry Default: To use the defaults for your current eTapestry session, click this button. Quick entry defaults clear when you log out of the program.

Set Permanent Defaults: To leave the defaults in place after you log out of the program, click this button.

Clear Defaults: To clear defaults, click this button.

Tip: Transaction screen defaults carry over to the Quick Gift Entry screen and vice versa.