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Segmentation Upload

The Segmentation Upload operation enables you to associate interests with constituents in your Luminate Online database. You can also use this upload to remove interests from constituents in your Luminate Online database when necessary.

Before you can run this upload, all constituents for the upload must already be in your Constituent360 database. Therefore, it may be necessary to run a Constituent Data Upload first to ensure that all contact records are in Luminate Online.

Note: With the Release of Luminate Online Version 5.1.0, you can include an Interest ID field in the Constituent Data Upload CSV file - often eliminating the need for a separate Segmentation Upload operation.

The CSV file for the Segmentation Upload must contain the primary email addresses or the Member IDs of the constituents with whom you would like to associate (or disassociate) an Interest - for matching with their Constituent360 contact records. The upload file must also contain one of the following:

The file must also indicate whether you would like each constituent opted-in or out of the corresponding Interest.

Valid Segmentation Upload Fields

How the System Uploads Interests

Prepare a Segmentation Upload File

Run the Segmentation Upload