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Accept Paypal Payflow Pro Payments

If you have a PayPal Payflow Pro account, contact Blackbaud Services to assist you in creating a PayPal Payflow Pro payment processing gateway. After you have a gateway, make updates in Luminate Online to accept payments through the gateway. The steps below detail the entire process.

Note: Allow Reference Transactions must be selected in PayFlowPro to handle recurring gifts. See KB 72023 for more information.

  1. Create a PayPal Payflow Pro account. For an account with USD, go here. For an account with CAD, go here.

    Note: Make sure that your account doesn't charge processing fees to users. Donation receipts indicate only the donation amount and not processing fees, which could confuse users if they compare the amounts.

  2. In your PayPal Payflow Pro account, make note of the following values to provide to your Blackbaud Professional Services representative to complete the configuration:

    • User Name - Your Payflow login name. This field is the same as Vendor, unless a separate User Name for your Payflow transactions was set up in PayPal Manager.

    • Merchant Login - Your Payflow login name. (This is the login ID you created when you signed up for the Payflow service and is the same merchant ID used to access PayPal Manager.)

    • Partner - This should be blackbaud1, if youare following the link provided above to create the account. If you did not use the link this may be another name (ID) of the reseller company from which you purchased the Payflow Pro service, such as VeriSign, PayPal or another name (ID).

    • Password - Your Payflow password. This may or may not be the same password that you use to access PayPal Manager.

  3. Contact your Account Manager or Client Success Manager and request PayPal Payflow Pro with your Luminate Online account. They'll assist you with a Blackbaud Services agreement, and then a member of the Blackbaud Professional Services Team will contact you with next steps.