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Using the Credit Card Updater Service

Many credit cards are canceled and reissued every year causing a significant number of sustaining gifts to lapse. The Credit Card Updater service automatically receives updates to the expiration date, card type, and card number of cards that have been renewed or replaced.

Note: Only credit cards issued by banks participating in the service can be updated. For more information, see Blackbaud Merchant Services.

The Credit Card Updater service is a paid subscription that is only available for recurring gifts that are processed through Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS). Contact Client Care or your account manager to enable the service.

Two interactions can be logged as a result of credit card updates:

When a credit card is updated, the following fields are updated depending on what was changed (the card expiration date, the card number, or the card type):

Sustaining Gift Performance Summary report

Constituent Interactions Counts report