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Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics tracks the number of visitors to your site and can help you determine if visitors are helping you reach your goal.

Before you can begin using Google Analytics with your Luminate Online site, you'll need to set up six Site Data Parameters (SDPs) located in Site Options.

Tip: If you're using custom analytics code, refer to Custom Analytics Implementation. If you're using the default, Lumimate Online implementation, refer to Default Google Analytics Implementation.

The most commonly used tracking types in Luminate Online are:

You can use Goals and the Funnel Visualization report in Google Analytics to see how efficiently your web pages direct users to your goal in Advocacy, Donations, eCommerce, Calendar Events (RSVP and Tickets), TeamRaiser, and Personal Fundraising. The eCommerce Tracking data is made up of transaction data and item data, which lets you enter actual transaction amounts as the goal of a funnel or track the contents of a purchase.

Tip: Use Source Codes as an additional tracking option and learn how a constituent is interacting with your site. For more information, view Track Site Interaction with Source Codes.

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