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Default Google Analytics Implementation

If you're using the default, Luminate Online implementation of Google Analytics, refer to the information below to ensure your data will render correctly.

  1. Obtain your own Google Analytics Account Number. (

  2. In your Luminate Online site, select Setup > Site Options from the navigation bar.

  3. Select All as the Site Option Group and click Go. The full list of Site Options, or SDPs, displays.

  4. Set the site options as they appear below.

    Note: The Google Analytics account number must be in the UA-xxxxxxx-y format, where the '-y' indicates the unique profile number.

    Tip: You must enable the GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ENABLED site option for Google Analytics to track site data.

  5. Click Save to complete your changes. You can now start tracking data in Google Analytics.

Note: If you would like to track data related to Blackbaud Secure Checkout, refer to BBSP Pseudo URLs.