Maintain your Facebook App

Facebook continually updates their practices and terms around the use of their apps. This topic outlines some of what you must do, and what you do not need to do as administrator of the Facebook app used by Luminate Online for Facebook Fundraising, Social Login, or Social Sharing. This content will update as new app requirements arise.

Warning: Deactivated apps cannot connect to Facebook's Fundraiser or use Facebook Social Login or Social Sharing. If Facebook notifies you that your app is deactivated, take action immediately.

What must I do?

If you get a notification that action that is required to keep your app active, take action as soon as possible. Follow the links sent by Facebook to review information and take steps to ensure you comply with their requests.

Alerts that require action include a red color and language that mentions a deactivation if you do not take action.

What do I not need to do?

If you get a notification for one of these actions, you do not need to take action, because the updates are made within the software code:

What if I'm asked to verify my domain in the Business Manager?

Domain verification isn't necessary or required for Facebook Fundraising integration with TeamRaiser. However, if your Facebook account uses Facebook ads or other Facebook offerings, Facebook may require you to verify as a domain.

A custom secure domain is necessary to complete domain verification of your Luminate Online site.

In Facebook's Business Manager, complete the following steps.

  1. In the HTML File Upload tab, download your unique file provided by Facebook.

  2. Add the HTML file to your subdomain in the base directory of the site by logging into the FTP and adding the file.

  3. Confirm the file by clicking the link in step 3 in the HTML File Upload tab.

  4. Click Verify.

If you need any assistance with these steps, please reach out to Blackbaud Support.